"Christian Science, the Science of Salvation" was the theme discussed last night [April 17] by Prof. Hermann S. Hering, in an address before a crowd of good size in Carnegie Hall. The speaker of the evening was introduced by B. C. Odom, Reader of First Church of Christ, Scientist, who said in part,—

The essential Problem of the moral and religious reformer is to lead mankind away from their tendencies of evil and limitation to ways of good. All Christendom is agreed that the best plan, indeed the only right method, for this reformatory work was established, or set forth, twenty centuries ago by the lowly Nazarene, when he revealed through his teachings and demonstrations the true relation of God to His universe. This knowledge was to free humanity from their erroneous theories, false thinking, by planting them firmly on the Christ-idea of spiritual supremacy, the stone which the builders had rejected. For to none before him had ever been so clearly revealed this basic law of life, "As he thinketh in his heart, so is he." The mission of Christian Science is to place before the world this new-old ideal, to remove from mortals the shackles of erring human thought, by giving a practical, scientific knowledge of God.—Dallas News.

Testimony of Healing
I became interested in Christian Science about ten years...
June 19, 1909

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