The true test of Christ fellowship or following must be...

S. Anne's Express

The true test of Christ fellowship or following must be in the measure of obedience to the Master's commands: "Preach the gospel," "Heal the sick." For centuries it has been the practice of Christian ministers and workers to content themselves with offering the gospel's salvation to the sinner, leaving the sick to seek deliverance through any and every means except the spiritual. Christian Scientists seek to reunify their Master's injunction by healing the sick as well as by preaching the gospel to the sinner, and, without trespassing upon the rights or convictions of others, they claim, in all humility, to have found the way to overcome not only sin, but sickness and disease, sorrow and woe, as well. "These signs shall follow them that believe," and the beneficiaries of Christian Science are gratefully testifying to the freedom they have enjoyed since they found healing and subsequent immunity from sickness and disease. Many of these erstwhile sufferers came in despair to Christian Science as a last resort, when human skill and material means had failed, and not even a shadow of hope remained, apart from the help divine.

Christian Science teaches that in Christ, Truth, we have a full salvation from sickness as well as from sin, and that the promise, "The works that I do shall he do also," is as capable of proof now as at any time since the declaration was made, if the conditions underlying it are understood and fulfilled. If there is only one God, and God is Mind, scientifically there can be but one Mind, and on this basis of reasoning Christian Scientists recognize the divine Mind as the only Mind or intelligence there is or can be. Following this teaching as the fundamental basis of their religion, Christian Scientists are proving daily, in proportion to their understanding, that God never intended mankind to suffer from sickness or to undergo any of the ills which the flesh is commonly said to be heir to, and that the only suffering to which one is under bondage is his own sin, and to this only so long as he finds pleasure in committing sin.

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