The record of Uzzah's sin, as given in II Samuel, has been a salutary lesson to the writer, who in the first years of membership in the Christian Science church erred, as did Uzzah, in thinking that her responsibility was to steady the ark of God. A spirit of criticism crept in; it seemed that church rules were lacking; that the Readers were not wisely chosen, etc.; and all this was through pride of opinion and a lack of faith in the absolute government of divine Mind. But how a few years of real work in Christian Science has changed this mental condition!

Do we stop to realize how we are limiting the work of others, how we are checking the natural unfolding of their spiritual perception, when we hold up a standard too high for their present understanding to reach, instead of gently fostering the budding thought of Truth and helping it to grow? We all had to have a beginning, and many of us remember with love and gratitude those who gently led us along and helped us to trust "Truth, the strong deliverer." to guide us "into the land of Christian Science, where fetters fall and the rights of man are fully known and acknowledged" (Science and Health, p. 226).

January 16, 1909

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