There is not the slightest element of "mysticism" in...

The Commercial Appeal

There is not the slightest element of "mysticism" in Christian Science; it is a revelation and not a covering up. That it differs radically from other systems is true, but unthinking acquiescence in established opinions does not make them true. Every great truth has met with scorn and derision when first presented. Jesus was crucified because his teaching was against the accepted order; Galileo was imprisoned for daring to assert that the earth was not flat.

As to diagnosis, probably the doctor is not aware that a large majority of those who come to Christian Science for help turn to it as a last resort only after they have "suffered many things of many physicians," and were "nothing bettered, but rather grew worse." Thus the diagnosis in most cases is that of the physician and not of the Christian Scientist. That "Christian Science is cruel" is so pathetically untrue that one who knows realizes at once that the assertion is prompted by prejudice against or ignorance of the subject under discussion. No one should or does express more of loving, gentle compassion than the Christian Science practitioner, and it is the divine Love thus expressed that heals the sick and the sinner in the way the Master taught.

January 16, 1909

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