This newspaper has no quarrel with the doctors

Spartansburg (S. C.) Journal

This newspaper has no quarrel with the doctors. They do a great deal of good. They give their time to much study and work to prepare themselves for the safe adminstration of drugs. They should, of course, be skilled in the use of drugs and medicines. Those who are surgeons should have knowledge of the construction and action of the human body, that they may use the knife and scalpel with safety. The world is not yet ready to get along without doctors. Therefore the laws should and do provide for the regulation of the practice of medicine, which is an important profession.

Let the doctors keep on doing all the good they can. But they should not forget that others also are doing good. There are many schools and systems of healing, all of which do some good and many of which do much good. These should not be interfered with. The doctors should not entirely monopolize the business of healing. People should be free to have any sort of treatment they may prefer, provided it is not dangerous or plainly fraudulent. ...

March 16, 1907

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