For years I was a hopeless sufferer from a disease of...

For years I was a hopeless sufferer from a disease of the bone in my left limb, which had been fractured when I was about eight years old. Every few years this limb would cause me so much pain that I would be compelled to have it operated on in order to gain relief. Five operations in all were performed, the last being a little over four years ago. A number of surgeons informed me at different times that I would either be compelled to give up my profession or else my limb must be amputated; it must be one or the other. I lived in constant fear of this trouble at all times, expecting at any moment to be taken down again, and always used extreme care during the interval between these operations, but to no purpose. Often, when I have been in my bed suffering from this trouble, I prayed to God to let me die, so that I would be away from it all. The last operation was very painful; indeed, words cannot express how I suffered. When the wound was being dressed my cries could be heard for one or two blocks, and my parents would go out in the barn adjoining the house and stop up their ears.

This trouble returned in April, 1905, and during the following four days I suffered very much. I telephoned to a physician, and he instructed me to use certain applications; but it was to no purpose. Then my wife suggested that I try Christian Science. I informed her that it was absurd to think for a moment that Christian Science could help me. It might be very well for a person who had nothing the matter with him, but it could not help me.

Testimony of Healing
Nineteen years ago I was a chronic invalid
March 16, 1907

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