With a heart overflowing with gratitude to God, and to...

With a heart overflowing with gratitude to God, and to our beloved Leader, I feel I must write what Christian Science has done for me and mine. In looking back, I find that each day is indeed big with blessing for me, when I think of what was and now is. I was an invalid and under the care of physicians for many years, suffering daily, never being free from pain for a single instant. I had had this trouble as long as I could remember; then when my son was born, other conditions arose which I was told made an operation necessary, and this being my only hope of ever becoming a well woman, I consented to it.

It is now over nine years since my dear mother was healed in Christian Science. At that time I was preparing to enter the hospital for this operation, but seeing her wonderful healing, I wondered if I too could be healed, for I dreaded an operation. My joy may be imagined when I was told that Christian Science could heal me. I felt it was the truth, and although knowing nothing about it, I believed, and in three months I was healed. Words are inadequate to express what I feel, never having been able to do or enjoy anything, and then at the end of three months to find myself well, free from pain, free to do everything I had longed to do and far more; to be satisfied, contented, happy all day long; no more crying or wanting to die, but a longing to be better, to do better, to improve my time in understanding that which had made me well.

Testimony of Healing
Nearly seven years ago I entered the Christian Science...
September 1, 1906

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