Three years ago it did not seem possible that I would...

Three years ago it did not seem possible that I would ever possess two of the things which I had always desired, —health and happiness. As a child I had always been unhappy and my health had always been miserable. Aside from this, I do not think that any one has ever been troubled with a more irritable disposition than seemed to cling to me, but people had said that this was on account of my having such poor health. I first went to a practitioner upon the earnest request of a friend who had recently become interested in Christian Science and who had already received some benefit. I went merely because she assured me it would help me, and not because I had any faith in it. I knew that the doctors had not helped me permanently, and in fact I had stopped going to them. I did not want to think of Christian Science except in connection with my healing. I did not want to accept it as a religion, but I wanted to be well and have a good time like other girls.

I was completely healed of an extreme nervous condition during the first week's treatment, and it was really wonderful to realize how many other ailments which had troubled me were gradually swept away. Among other things which seemed to cause me considerable annoyance was that for several years I had suffered greatly from an eruption, and before coming into Science I had tried almost everything that people had told me would help me, but all these things had proved of no avail.

Testimony of Healing
With a heart overflowing with gratitude to God, and to...
September 1, 1906

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