I have taken great pains to investigate and talk with persons...

Norristown (Pa.) Daily Herald

I have taken great pains to investigate and talk with persons who have been the objects of some wonderful cures, and to talk with the person who has treated them, so that I might be able to say, in some sense, that I had a personal knowledge of the cases.

It has been a longing of mine to be able to go through, as nearly as I could, the whole catalogue of human ills as they are presented to human sense, and I have almost accomplished it; so that well-nigh every phase of sorrow, suffering, and heart-break, I have seen cured. For a long while I knew I could say that the lame walk, I had seen so many instances of that kind; but I wanted to be able to say that the blind see. I knew where very defective eyes were cured, but I wanted to find an instance where blindness had been total or for a long term of years, so that no one could say that it was not a real, genuine instance of blindness. I wanted to see it perfectly healed. I had the pleasure within the last six weeks of seeing just such a case. I met a young woman twenty-two years of age at a dinner party of Christian Scientists in a little town in Nebraska, and as I looked across the table at her, I could not help saying, "Your life has been a long holiday. You know no sorrow or tears;" but within fifteen minutes I learned that if I had taken the combined sorrows of all the people at that table they would not have equaled a tithe of what she had suffered.

I learned from her mother that she had been born with defective eyes, one large and one small, and the sight drawn to one side. At the age of six months, a curtain dropped down over her eyes, so as to obscure the iris. No one knows whether she ever did see. At six years of age she was sent to an asylum for the blind and remained there twelve years, and was then sent home because she had reached the age-limit of the institution. Eighteen months before she was discharged, her mother became interested in Christian Science and took class instruction, and is now the First Reader in the church there, and of course her thought was very naturally addressed to her child, and she gave her all the help she could; but there was not the slightest evidence that the treatment had accomplished anything, except in the cheer of the patient, who felt that she would yet see. After she came home a neighboring Scientist began to treat her, and in about fifteen months this cloud just simply disappeared. It did not roll up or down, but went out into nothingness, and that girl to-day sees as well as any man or woman in this house. She said that God had been very good to her, in that He had made the large eye smaller and the small eye larger, so that they were both perfectly balanced. She is now a perfect specimen of vigorous young womanhood. This is the kind of demonstration that speaks for Christian Science, and enables us to use, with absolute knowledge of the facts, the argument of Christ, "the lame walk and the blind do see."

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