Anxious thoughts as to our supply of needful things for the morrow, as well as anxiety for our health, is causeless, since our supply is in God—Good; but until we know this through actual demonstration, all are anxious to a greater or less degree.

I would say to those who are now working out this problem of God's plenty: never let the evidences of the senses, and suggestions (of mortal mind) as to the morrow's threatened calamities, make you afraid. Although I have seen our meal barrel nearly wasted and our oil cruse almost empty, and nothing in sight wherewith to replenish them, when the threatened to-morrow came there was no lack. This threatening lack of what is needful will never be experienced, if we remember God's promises of His ever-present protection, and follow the teachings of Science and Health.

Till We All Come
August 28, 1902

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