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It seems reasoable when one wished correct knowledge on any subject, to inquire from those who have given it fair, careful, and comprehensive study, and who may for that reason be supposed to speak intelligently. In the matter of Christian Science, however, some are willing to accept the dictum of those whose sole qualification seems to be that they do not believe in it, or glibly and authoritatively pronounce it a "delusion" and "fraud." We presume if these people ever read the Christian Science text-book, it was in a severely critical frame of mind, a condition not conducive to an appreciation or correct understanding of any work. It speaks much for this book, however, that very many who have become its enthusiastic admirers were formerly as bitterly opposed to its teachings as its present most virulent assailants. The transformation in the life of Saul, the enemy of the church, "breathing out threatenings and slaughter," to Paul, its most illustrious defender, is scarcely more remarkable than the experience of many who have been driven, rather than led, to turn to this as a last resort, and being healed, fully restored to health, and so to hope and happiness, naturally become its devoted champions. ... The Christian Scientist, as we understand, rests his case wholly on the example of Christ and his precepts and commands given for all who believe in and obey him in all ages and all places, a never-failing, priceless legacy of divine law and love. Christ says: "It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing," and "the Father that dwelleth in me. he doeth the works," and many other utterances of like character, all together sufficient for those who believe in him and them.

Whether the public approve or not this religious belief, its wonderful, almost unexampled, increase in the past ten years in many parts of the world, seems to indicate that it is something more than a passing fad soon to have its little day and disappear as many others have done. If it really meets a need of the people, if it quenches their spiritual thirst and satisfies their hungering for the bread of life, the people will have it.

If it be of evil or works evil it cannot long survive in the clear light and general intelligence of the present and coming years. If its fruits prove fair and beauteous, no power that is opposed to it can avail to suppress it. The great multitude who have been restored to health and happiness through its understanding are, naturally enough, its devoted champions. ... They believe it comes from the fountain of all life, the sustainer of all that He has made. They believe that it is among the deep things of the spirit which flow ceaselessly and eternally from Him, though the natural man may not perceive them, since they are "spiritually discerned." While speaking of the things which we have heard rather than from experience, the testimony of those who ought to know, if long study and successful practice are of any value, is that this Science is built on the foundation of God as Spirit and man as His image and likeness; and that its dynamic force is divine Love.

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Not Loss, but Gain
August 28, 1902

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