Plutarch and Modern Thought

Plutarch, who was one of the most enlightened reporters of the thought of his time, was himself a good representative of the enlightened man of the world whose opinions represented that which everybody in his time was supposed to know. By many references he shows that there were, two thousand years ago, mathematicians and other philosophers who had advanced new views of the phenomena of the visible universe. It is very interesting to read his discussions of scientific matters, because we see the birth of modern science, we see how such theories as the attraction of gravitation, the movement of the earth on its axis and in its annual revolution, the ether which fills all space, and the idea that the moon is a body like our earth, impressed mathematicians who were getting a glimpse of the explanation which came later to Descartes, Sir Isaac Newton, Darwin, and Spencer.—The Christian Register.

Lost Ideals
August 28, 1902

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