A little incident has frequently helped me in my work in...

A little incident has frequently helped me in my work in Science,—one told by a grown person, of herself when she was a child, not more than perhaps eight or ten years old. She said that she had a fear constantly at twilight, if she chanced to be on the street, that some one was back of her; and she would run to get away from the supposed person, and the faster she would run, the more she became assured that there was some one back of her. And even as a child, she argued to herself, "Why no, there is no one back of me; I know perfectly well." But she didn't have the courage to find out the truth. But finally one day when she was especially affected by the fear, she stopped suddenly and said to herself, "I am going to turn around and prove to myself that there is no one here." She did so, and of course there was no one pursuing her.

I have often thought of this, and it has helped me very much in Science, because evil claims to be pursuing us and to be pursuing those who are suffering and coming to us for help. It claims constantly not only to pursue, but to overtake and destroy health and even life; and nothing but Christian Science can ever give any one courage enough to turn about and know there is nothing there but God,—but Good. When we do it, we always find the proof that Good is omnipresent, that Good does destroy hate, that Life does destroy death.

I had a beautiful illustration of that, not long ago, in some one who appealed to me for help to know what she should do. The patient in the family was under the care of a physician, and she did not feel, of course, that she had any right to treat him. But the patient was dying, and the Scientist could not be indifferent to the needs of one who was seemingly passing away. The doctor had said that it was heart failure and there was no hope; and as the case appealed for help, this thought came: the only heart that there is, is the one that we are all looking for, the heart that is always gentle, and kind, and loving, and true, and pure. That is the only heart there is, and that is Love; and Paul says, "Love never faileth." The realization that love never faileth, with the efforts made on the part of the Scientist, saved that one's life, and to-day he rejoices in a new sense of the power of Christian Science.

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