In 1898 my mother was taken sick with muscular rheumatism,...

In 1898 my mother was taken sick with muscular rheumatism, and several physicians were, in turn, employed, but no help was received, and, as change of climate was recommended, I took her to the country, feeling confident that much benefit would result from the visit; bu her suffering increased, until it seemed a question as to the possibility of getting her home again. The journey was accomplished with the assistance of many tender hands, and the thought of all who knew her was that she was returning home to die. She required as much care as a little child, as she was unable to use her arms at all. Conversation was but comprehended, never remembered. We asked for Christian Science treatment, and the improvement was immediate, and continued slowly until every pain and ache was destroyed, and she was free.

She became years younger in appearance, and though well along in years, she took up again the duties of home life, and has accomplished much more than before her sickness.

"Whereas I was Blind, now I See"
August 28, 1902

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