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October 15, 2000
Guests: Jon Benson, Elizabeth Carey, Bruce Fitzwater, Clare Turner, Hymn #88
October 8, 2000
Guests: Caryl Farkas, Alan Downing, Lisa Jasper, David Stevens, Tanisha Watley, Hymn #124
October 1, 2000
Guests: Jennifer Lobl, David Nall, Deborah Huebsch, W. Riley Seay, Two verses from hymn #7
September 24, 2000
Guests: Ellie, Skander, Masami, Anton, Emma, Holly, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Max, Jason
September 17, 2000
Guests: Roger Tuthill, Robert Rockabrand, Nancy Hughart, Harold and Adella Hughes, Alice Wallace, Two verses from hymn #148
September 10, 2000
Guests: Name removed by request, Mark Swinney
September 3, 2000
Guests: Jacklyn Williams, Judy Wolff, Hymn #58
August 27, 2000
Guests: Herb Huebsch, Marcia Norman, Robert McNaught, Shelley Randolph
August 20, 2000
Guests: William Vincent, Richard Bergenheim, Pamela Peck
August 13, 2000
Guests: Tom Jasper, Kittie Burris, Orlando Trentini, Margit Hammerstrom, Hymn #160