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December 24, 1989
Guests: Ari Shaw, John Shaw, Maria Westerhof, Jan Westerhof, John Lewis Selover
December 17, 1989
Guests: Gulu Thanawala, Florence Danobi, Helen Rockwell
November 26, 1989
November 19, 1989
Guests: Connie Stricklin, Gusu Dalal, Rosalie Dunbar, Michael Thorneloe
November 12, 1989
Guests: Diane Finley, Donald Sweeney, Marian Pike
November 5, 1989
Guests: Raleen Rabe, Jim Spencer, Arno Preller, Gillian Litchfield
October 29, 1989
Guests: Cheryl Arts, Susan Stark, Glen Lauder
October 22, 1989
Guests: Peter Tonge, Name withheld
October 15, 1989
Guests: Betty Purdy, Ann Kenrick, Eldon Appling
October 8, 1989
Guests: Cornelius Bumpus, Hans-Joachim Trapp, Amy King, Kathleen Clementson