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December 24, 1994
Guests: Channing Walker, Bea Roegge, William Palmer, Max Dunaway, Name withheld, Mary Trammell, Bill Dawley
December 17, 1994
Guests: Dick Brookins, Jill Periton, Virginia Harris, Joseph Ozioma Nwosu, Michael Pabst
December 3, 1994
Guests: Patricia Tupper Hyatt, Judith Hardy Olson, Deborah Huebsch, Michael Seek
November 26, 1994
Guests: Walter Jones, Peter Hughes, Neera Kapur, Mary Trammell, Bill Dawley, Michael Seek
November 19, 1994
Guests: Michael Seek, Earline Shoemake, Barbara Cook, Audrey Kudaev, Jay Battenberg, Ethel Morse
November 12, 1994
Guests: Barbara Vining, David Driver, Celeste Jenkins, Marjorie Scherer, Jean Dollins
November 5, 1994
Guests: Margaret Rogers, Evan Mehlenbacher, Ellen Thompson, Colonel Kapoor, Mary Trammell, Bill Dawley
October 29, 1994
Guests: Rob Gilbert, Jean Stapleton, Ellen Thompson, Andre Kadive, Joseph Pembimokini
October 22, 1994
Guests: Mary Trammell, Consuelo Smith, Thomas Lindsey, Valerie Parrott, Enrique Smeke
October 15, 1994
Guests: Ann Stewart, Joel Magnes, George Moffett, Michael Pabst