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December 19, 1999
Guests: Chet Manchester, Deborah Huebsch, Susan Creager, Margaret Rogers, Elaine Follis, Douglas Keith
December 12, 1999
Guests: Don Porter, Richard Bergenheim
December 12, 1999
Guests: James Crafton, Lois Carlson, Earline Shoemake, Julio Rivas, Mary Trammell
December 5, 1999
Guests: David Grier, Todd Herzer, Jer Master, Jean Hebenstreit, Philip Davis
November 28, 1999
Guests: Samantha Reynolds, Linda Andrei, Sandy Sandberg, Ann Brown
November 21, 1999
Guests: Christine Carroll, Donna Matthiesen, William Ansley, Nathan Talbot, Carrie Becker
November 14, 1999
Guests: Felice Meyer, Channing Walker, Jane Bailey
November 7, 1999
Guests: Joan Buchanan, Laura Matthews, Max Martina, Anne McLaurin, Nate Talbot
October 31, 1999
Guests: Henry Josephson, Beverly Mills, Channing Walker, Katherine Junkin, Diane Marrapodi
October 24, 1999
Guests: Andrew Geddes, Elizabeth Skene, John Bullard, Lois Carlson