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December 28, 1996
Guests: Nate Talbot, Kirk Wilson, Andrea Ryan, Olga Chaffee, Laura Longman
December 21, 1996
Guests: David Degler, Joyce Marin, Rosalind Twinn, Elise Moore, Ryder Stevens, Eda Harris, Joan Sieber Ware
December 14, 1996
Guests: Andrej Remec, George Hellyer, Judith Jackson, Jill Periton, Connie Farmer
December 7, 1996
Guests: Edward Little, Glynis Burgdorff, Douglas Keith, Don Porter, Bill Ansley
November 30, 1996
Guests: Edward Little, Caroline Robertson, Glynis Burgdorff, Douglas Keith, David Degler, Lorraine Schwartz
November 23, 1996
Guests: Peter Tonge, Bea Roegge, Allison Downs, Peter Freeland, Jer Master, Cornelia Schacht, Emily Comins, Jane Martin, Susan Oyer
November 16, 1996
Guests: Richard Bergenheim, Bill Scott, Nergish Hodiwala, Olga Chaffee, Bill Moody, Miah Bumpas
November 9, 1996
Guests: Mara Purl, Subhash Malhotra, Marjorie Funston, Jim Rosebush, Bonnie Johnson, Tim Myers
November 2, 1996
Guests: Julie Pabst, Ann Kneeland, Joan Sieber Ware, Jon Benson
October 26, 1996
Guests: Jim Rosebush, Carole Carter, Betty Jenks, Rosalie Dunbar, Elaine Follis