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December 28, 1991
Guests: Osceola Davis, Joe Pelfrey, Edna Johnston, Luisella Deraney, Eunice Nwosu
December 21, 1991
Guests: Cyril Rakhmanoff, Jean Weida, Tony Periton, William E. Moody
December 14, 1991
Guests: William Messner, David Driver, Amy Richmond
December 7, 1991
Guests: Don Bowersock, Nancy Wolcott, David Kennedy
November 30, 1991
Guests: Edna Johnston, Norris Cannon, Betty O’Neal
November 23, 1991
Guests: Robert Shepherd, Mary Trammell, Zdenek Pol, Hazel Andrea Stuart
November 16, 1991
Guests: Tony Periton, Don Fulton, Jeanette Smith, Emmanuel Diffa
November 9, 1991
Guests: Steve Cook, Connie Stricklin, Lamar Smith
November 2, 1991
Guests: Hazel Joynes, Malcolm Joynes, Tom Lindsey, Sandy Olson, David Olson, Beverly Dewindt, David Dewindt
October 26, 1991
Guests: Brian Pennix, Connie Stricklin, David Smith, Michael West