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December 27, 1998
Guests: Julio Rivas, Claire Turner, Joyce Milgaard, Earline Shoemake, Joel Magnes
December 20, 1998
Guests: Richard Bergenheim, Rebecca Odegaard, Bea Roegge
December 13, 1998
Guests: Mark Swinney, Tim Mitchinson, Jan Keeler, Mary Reed
December 6, 1998
Guests: David Driver, Marta Greenwood
November 29, 1998
Guests: Doug Brown, Becky O'Sullivan, Eric Nager, Clarence Head
November 22, 1998
Guests: Mary Trammell, Djoni Darmadi, Nancy Staal, Jill Gooding
November 15, 1998
Guests: Beverley Mills, Andrew Geddes, Elaine Follis, Melanie Wahlberg, Tom Black
November 8, 1998
Guests: Al Downing, Joel Magnes, Denise Colliver, Evan Mehlenbacher
November 1, 1998
Guests: Lamar Smith, Sara Terry Gabrels, Phil Davis
October 25, 1998
Guests: Billy Moody, Frank Magwegwe