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December 25, 1993
Guests: Jean Hebenstreit, Julio Rivas, Evan Mehlenbacher, Tom Black, Chet Manchester
December 18, 1993
Guests: Betty Jenks, Connie Stricklin, Michael Pabst
December 11, 1993
Guests: Barbara-Jean Stinson, Phillip Green, Patti Kodick, Warren Bolon, Michael Seek
December 4, 1993
Guests: Fannie Lew Prowell, Channing Walker, Miriam Betouche, Michelle Boccanfuso
November 27, 1993
Guests: Nate Talbot, Mario Tosto, Suzanne Smedley, Mary Trammell, Bill Dawley
November 20, 1993
Guests: Neera Kapur, Joseph Nwosu, Liz Smedley, Jon Harder, David Degler, Mary Trammell, Bill Dawley, Phil Davis, Nils Tuxen
November 13, 1993
Guests: Connie Stricklin, Margaret Rodgers, Chet Manchester, Paul Grimes
November 6, 1993
Guests: Ethel Morse, Dick Mather, Scott Laningham, Mary Trammell, Bill Dawley, Lesley Pitts
October 30, 1993
Guests: Diane Marrapodi, Laurie Peach, Lee Daugherty, Mary Trammell, Bill Dawley
October 23, 1993
Guests: Michael Thorneloe