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March 19, 2000
Guests: Holley Halliburton-Link, Peter Freeland, Susan Mack, Mark Trumbull
March 12, 2000
Guests: Ann Brown, Bobby Lewis, Dorothy Estes, Hymn #207
March 5, 2000
Guests: Lorita Williams, Lois Carlson, Elise Moore, Nathan Talbot
February 27, 2000
Guests: Marjorie Funston, William Krahn, Andrew Louis, Martha Moffett, William Ansley
February 20, 2000
Guests: Edna, Paul, Benjamin, Sarah, Abby, Garrett, Amy, Trenton, Jenny, Meggan, Barry, Heidi, Darcy, Dorothy
February 13, 2000
Guests: Marian English, Lois Carlson, Tony Lobl, Barbara-Jean Stinson, Herb Huebsch
February 6, 2000
Guests: Charlotte Geer, Steven Scheiern, Joseph Babalola, Michelle Boccanfuso, Hymn #237
January 30, 2000
Guests: Angele Marchessault, James Bender, Deborah Huebsch, Hymn #160
January 23, 2000
Guests: Susan Collins, Miles Harbur, Nathan Talbot
January 16, 2000
Guests: Tony Lobl, Lyn Hoopes, Ellen Thompson, Joel Magnes, Lois Carlson, Hymn #69