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May 28, 2000
Guests: Melanie Wahlberg, Evan Mehlenbacher, Corinne Teeter, Hymn #64
May 21, 2000
Guests: Rodney Westfall, Anonymous, Bob Jarboe, Rebecca Odegaard, Christine Buxton
May 14, 2000
Guests: Marylou Churchill, Name removed by request, Brian Clendenen, Richard Bergenheim
May 7, 2000
Guests: Cheryl Petersen, Margaret Rogers, Hymn #237
April 30, 2000
Guests: Margit Hammerstrom, John Ranson, Michelle Boccanfuso
April 23, 2000
Guests: Deborah Huebsch, Margaret Rogers, Julio C. Rivas T., Phil Davis, David Degler
April 16, 2000
Guests: Ann Kneeland, Tim Collins, Shirley Paulson
April 9, 2000
Guests: Nancy Ranks, Colleen Douglass, Nathan Talbot, Hymn #202
April 2, 2000
Guests: Julie Pabst, Heather Frederick, Steven Berrie, Hymn #3
March 26, 2000
Guests: Rita Smith, Warren Bolon, One verse from hymn #88