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December 28, 1997
Guests: John Selover, Bea Roegge, Mary Ridgway
December 21, 1997
Guests: Individuals' thoughts on Christmas, Michael Pabst, Martha Moffett, Lois Carlson, Earline Shoemake, Mary Bretts Reid, John Alioto, Reading of nativity story
December 14, 1997
Guests: Steve Scheiern, Lois Carlson
December 7, 1997
Guests: Name withheld, Chet Manchester, Virginia Brown
November 30, 1997
Guests: Don Houge, Richard Bergenheim, Linda Drummond
November 23, 1997
Guests: Susan Collins, Abe McLaughlin, Josephine Pickup, Sara Hoagland, Kendra Nordin, Phil Davis, Edna Johnston, Marshall Ingwerson, Jillie Periton, Eva Maria Hogrefe, Dave Houck, Betty Jenks, Bob Jeffery, Frank Haber, Hyman Weinstein, Shirley Paulson, Henry Josephson
November 16, 1997
Guests: Karen Neff, Olga Chaffee
November 9, 1997
Guests: David Driver, Fenella Bennetts, Clark Kelley, Colleen Douglass, Edna Johnston, David Driver
November 2, 1997
Guests: Mary Trammell, Don Porter, Glynis Burgdorff
October 19, 1997
Guests: Alan Downing, Myriam Betouche, Ed Leever, Carole Carter, Penelope Morel Polanco