"The present codes of human...

"The present codes of human systems disappoint the weary searcher after a divine theology, adequate to the right education of human thought." These lines from page 234 of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy express my own experience in the search for a divine theology which would be adequate for daily living. For some time I searched in various religious systems for such a theology. When Christian Science came into my life I soon realized that my search was ended, for I felt the peace and healing which this Science brings when studied and applied.

We have experienced many healings in our family and a continued sense of freedom from various ailments. Among the healings were those of partial deafness, a severe sore throat, corns, and that of warts, which disappeared after one treatment. Protection from harm in various forms has been experienced. One morning in the middle of winter I felt led to rise earlier than usual to study and pray for the protection of our family. Later on in the day a member of our family related that he had lost control of the car on an icy road. The car slid into the ditch, right side up, with no harm to him or to the car. A passing motorist assisted him back onto the road, and very little time was lost.

Testimony of Healing
For having been born and reared...
March 17, 1956

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