Soon after I took up the study...

Soon after I took up the study of Christian Science about fifty years ago my testimony of gratitude for this wonderful religion was published in the Sentinel. I am impelled at this time to express gratitude for the many evidences in my experience since then of the efficacy of the healing truth.

Among the physical healings I have had were those of asthma, muscular rheumatism, typhoid, pneumonia, food poisoning, and head colds. I have had wonderful protection in several accidents. At one time I fell headlong down a long flight of stairs. Instantly I realized that there are no accidents, because man is at all times governed by the absolute law of God, which maintains all His creation in perfect harmony. I experienced no ill effects and continued with the activity of moving into a new apartment, which I had been doing when the fall occurred.

A beautiful demonstration of supply was made a few years ago when all income was unexpectedly cut off. For several months the unselfish spiritual support of a loving practitioner sustained me, and a most harmonious and satisfactory position became available. The realization I gained of man's right place and constant supply as a child of God has been of lasting benefit.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has enriched...
December 11, 1954

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