I turned to Christian Science for...

I turned to Christian Science for physical help just after my twenty-first birthday. For over a year I had been on a strict diet and taking laxatives because my food did not digest normally. Instead of getting better, I was becoming worse and had lost much weight. I wondered how I could possibly live unless a way could be found for me to eat what was needed to sustain me.

My father, though not a Christian Scientist, recommended that I see a Christian Science practitioner whose office was across the hall from his own. I did so, and the practitioner explained to me that God did not make sickness or inharmony. While she gave me a treatment she had me read the paragraph in Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy which includes the sentence (p. 151), "Fear never stopped being and its action." Then she told me to start reading Science and Health through and to eat whatever I wished, for it would not hurt me.

I had not read very far before I began to realize in some degree that this book was telling me over and over that all is Mind and that matter is nothing. As I continued to read, it seemed as if a great curtain were being drawn back, and I saw God and His creation from an entirely new viewpoint, which was wonderful. I then reasoned that my stomach, being unintelligent matter, could not possibly say that certain foods could hurt me, but that it was my thought about the food which caused my suffering. With this conviction I found that I could eat whatever I wished, with no ill effects. I very soon gained back my normal weight and have been able ever since then to eat and digest my food.

Testimony of Healing
Some years ago I came to a state...
October 2, 1954

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