For twenty years I have been...

For twenty years I have been helped immeasurably by the testimonies in our periodicals. Since I have had a beautiful proof of the power of Truth, as we learn of it in Christian Science, I wish to tell of my experience, which may be of help to other singers.

About five-thirty one evening I was called on the telephone and was asked to sing the soprano solos in Handel's "Messiah," which was to be given that night at eight o'clock. The conductor of the chorus, who called me, said that his soprano had just sent word that she was unable to appear and that he felt I was the only one who could substitute for her at such short notice. I felt flattered, but informed him that it was not possible for me to accept, for I had not sung some of the numbers for fifteen years and had never attempted the role without at least three or four months' practice on them. Since he felt he could not take "No" for an answer, I said I would do the best I could. As I did not feel that I would be able to perform satisfactorily, however, I called a practitioner and asked for help, telling her what I was expected to do. I voiced the thought that I knew I would not be able to do it. Her instant reply was to the effect that it was not personal, and since all things are possible to divine Mind, all I needed to do was to get the personal sense of myself out of the way.

Testimony of Healing
For many years Christian Science...
January 3, 1953

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