Christ Jesus once rebuked his generation, which found fault with both himself and John the Baptist, by likening it to children who quarrel at their play, never satisfied with the performance of their playfellows. He concluded (Matt. 11:19), "But wisdom is justified of her children." The Master was not concerned with the approval of mortals. He knew that his life was a complete justification of the divine authority he claimed. His healings of the blind, deaf, lame, leprous, and sinful were evidence that God had commissioned his teachings. His confidence that God, the one wisdom, would vindicate all righteousness and truth was seen throughout his ministry.

Christian Science explains the inevitable justification of good by showing that God is the source of all that is righteous. For that reason we can be assured that God supports and protects what originates in Him and that nothing can prevent His bringing every right motive to full fruition. Mary Baker Eddy writes in "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" (p. 128): "Return not evil for evil, but 'overcome evil with good.' Then, whatever the shaft aimed at you or your practice may be, it will fall powerless, and God will reward your enemies according to their works."

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