Words are the expression of thought. They symbolize and communicate ideas. They are the most common medium used by mankind for the exchange of ideas and at present are indispensable in gaining an understanding of the true idea of God and man. In the many languages of the world are words of every description, representative of all the minutiae of human thought, good or bad. Different groups of people think in different types of thought and so employ different word symbols; consequently the great variety of languages.

Since in all types of thought ideas are conveyed through the medium of words, how important it is that words should be wisely chosen and that they should spring from sincerity, honesty, and goodness. Since the spiritually scientific worker seeks to advance Spiritward along all lines, he seeks to lift his choice and use of words to a constantly higher level. He knows that each word has its particular meaning to convey; that words betoken education, culture, and refinement, or the lack of it; that they betray materialism or reveal spirituality. Turning away from human limitations to the fullness of divine Mind, one finds an ever-increasing exactness and fluency in the use of words which, without spiritual inspiration, one might never attain.

April 21, 1951

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