A Home is sought by all creatures. Whether a bird, an animal, or a man, all desire an environment where they can be at peace and best express their individuality. A robin builds his nest and sings where he believes he is safe; a dog gives of his protection and accepts responsibility where he feels at home; a man reflects the greatest joy and does the most good where he is happiest; and all gardeners know that a flower in its proper environment blooms with profusion. Home, then, brings out in each the greatest good. Home is where good is reflected, or where God is manifested.

Many of today's problems can be resolved into the simple desire to obtain, retain, or maintain a home. This problem may show itself in varying degrees of inharmony. In order to get what is considered a more desirable home, individuals may resort to aggression and even disregard another's suffering. Or if one has had to flee from his home for safety, fear of losing his home, or longing to return to it may color all his thoughts. Whether it be a refugee family which has lost its home, a war worker's family trying to find a place to live in a crowded industrial center, or a soldier yearning to be with his family, the problem is still the same—that of knowing how to demonstrate the real, spiritual sense of home.

Duties and Rights
August 19, 1944

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