The Value of Simplicity in Practice

The notion is sometimes held, mistakenly, that whatever is profound is likewise involved and complex, while that which is simple and easy to comprehend is shallow. Quite the contrary is the case.

Simple truths are healing truths, profound enough to express divine Principle, clear enough to reach the troubled thought. Humanity is reaching out hungrily, not for spiced intellectual tidbits, but for the humble, unadorned fare which satisfies the heart, silences fear, banishes pain, heals body and mind. The wordy fare of the early priestcraft choked the partaker, while the simple, spiritual food in Jesus' parables and teaching satisfied the hungry. Christian Science again spreads a "table in the wilderness" and bids all come and freely share. All Christian Scientists have the rare opportunity at this epochal period to present Truth so directly, simply, and winningly that "he that runs may read." Thus again does the Messiah come to earth; the healing message is made available to the receptive one in language which he can understand.

Right Identification
August 19, 1944

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