It is with deepest gratitude that...

It is with deepest gratitude that I give this testimony. My first healing in Christian Science came at a time when a loved one had passed on. On the fourth day following, a heavenly sense of peace came. The healing was complete.

I have been healed of headaches and of colds in their various forms, to which I had been subject since childhood. Two abscessed teeth were saved with the help of a practitioner. A badly infected finger caused me little discomfort and healed beautifully in a short time, by my working as we are taught to do in Christian Science. Aftereffects of a fall on the ice disappeared almost instantaneously after I listened to a testimony given at a Wednesday evening meeting. Two internal troubles disappeared when I first began attending church, although I did not realize that these healings had taken place until several months later. Neuritis, which attacked me at frequent intervals, appeared one night in its most violent form. Christian Science was new to me at the time, but I did know "the scientific statement of being" on page 468 of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, so I repeated this until I fell asleep. I repeated it slowly and tried to realize what it meant. In the morning all trace of the discord had gone, and it has never returned. I have been healed of burns, and two warts disappeared when specific work was done. The second did not disappear so quickly as the first, because I often found myself watching for the physical manifestation to be corrected. When I refused to do this, the healing came quickly.

For two years I worked two miles from home with no means of transportation and it was necessary for me to return for lunch. My needs were met each day and always in an unexpected way. One of these days was the day of the New England hurricane, and another followed the night of the biggest blizzard in a long time. Trains were off schedule and traffic blocked, but I was in my right place at the right time.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my most sincere...
December 19, 1942

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