Christ Walks Today

It goes without saying that the truth about all things is the universal desideratum. Both nations and individuals strive for it, each in his own way, some mistakenly and crudely of course, others with commendable devotion and enlightenment. The assertion admits of no argument that truth leads those who lay hold of it, and respond to its urge, along the certain road to freedom.

What is the truth about all things? The Christ, as Christian Science makes plain. To begin with, there is the truth about God. Then there is the truth about man, that is, there is a true, a real, an enduring individual. Jesus discerned this genuine and only man in his spiritual self, accepted the responsibility, acted the part. Thereby did he merit the right to be called Jesus the Christ, Jesus being his name, and Christ his title. Herein is seen the possibility of salvation for everyone, since there is in each individual the ability to achieve what Jesus attained, namely, acquaintance with his true self as the son of God.

No wonder Jesus has become known as the Way-shower for the human race, the foremost figure in history. It is not too much to say that Mary Baker Eddy is being recognized as the revelator of the Science he taught and practiced. Of all the remarkable statements made by her, not one, in the hope it lends to the weak and faltering, surpasses this: "The divinity of the Christ was made manifest in the humanity of Jesus" (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 25).

Christmas Is God's Answer
December 19, 1942

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