"An eternal Christmas"

Of all holidays, undoubtedly Christmas is the most universally beloved by Christendom, although probably a large percentage of those celebrating this day fail to dwell on what it signifies in commemorating the nativity of Jesus in an obscure town in Judea. For centuries the advent of the Messiah had been foretold, yet only the simple shepherds heard the angelic message announcing the birth of Jesus, who heralded the coming of Christ, Truth.

Matthew records that when Herod, the king, fearing for his temporal power, plotted to kill the young child, Joseph was divinely instructed to flee with the babe and its mother into Egypt. The Wisemen from the East who had been directed by the star had "presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh." It was fitting and beautiful for them thus to do homage on such a momentous occasion, and perhaps from this incident grew the custom of Christmas gift giving. Indeed, what could better commemorate the greatest gift that humanity has ever received than unselfish, love-inspired giving!

The Highway of Our God
December 19, 1942

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