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Your medical correspondent, under the heading "Fact and Fancy," again deals with the subject of Christian Science in a recent issue, and I trust you will allow me some further space to deal with the matter.

Christian Scientists are in no way personal antagonists of the medical profession. The doctors have one way of dealing with disease—a material way; while Christian Science has an entirely different way—a purely spiritual one; and there is nothing in common between the two. Christian Scientists agree that those who desire the services of a medical man should be able to have such service when they need it, just as they are themselves glad to be able to call on a Christian Science practitioner when they need his help. Many Christian Scientists, too, remember with gratitude the love and unselfishness of doctors they have known. Mrs. Eddy has said on page 164 of her textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," "It is just to say that generally the cultured class of medical practitioners are grand men and women."

It is, however, a fact that many doctors have become Christian Scientists. And why? Because in the course of their medical practice they have learned of some healing or healings performed by Christian Scientists, have investigated the subject of Christian Science, and have satisfied themselves that, so far as they are concerned, its healing methods are better than those of medical practice. The healing method of Christian Science is simply that of the Bible and of Christ Jesus, and there is nothing in Science and Health which is not in accord with the teachings of the Bible.

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December 12, 1942

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