When men are assured, not blindly and fanatically, but with vision and intelligence, that they are governed and impelled by righteous motives, they build not upon the sand of shifting human opinion and influence, but upon the rock. Primary in this experience is their relationship with God. The recognition of but one Mind, manifest in universal fellowship, is the rock upon which they build.

It must be obvious to everyone that only Truth can be verified. In this undertaking the errors, whether of disease, of sin, or of the multiple counterfeits claiming to be true, demand from us complete and final disqualification as verities. Once the Christian Scientist has logically and consistently taken his stand with regard to what can or cannot be accounted true, his thought and action demand of him the courageous, resolute, and always consistent exemplification of his premise. On page 365 of "Miscellaneous Writings" Mary Baker Eddy writes, "If Christian Science lacked the proof of its goodness and utility, it would destroy itself; for it rests alone on demonstration."

The great, the unsurpassable gift of the Science of Christianity has provided men with this opportunity to verify in thought and action the eternal fact of God's allness, of evil's nothingness. Representative of the awakening demand of the Victorian era for an intelligent and logical concept of divinity, Mrs. Humphrey Ward wrote in her book "Robert Elsmere" of learning to know God "in the constant verifications of experience."

December 12, 1942

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