Face the Facts

OFTEN one is admonished to "face the facts," meaning by the term that one should recognize circumtances as they seem to exist, and then take such steps as are necessary to meet them. From a human standpoint, such a course may seem to be necessary and right; but when one approaches the question from the standpoint of spiritual discernment, what are the facts? In the world today there seem to be many conditions which are far from harmonious, and one may wish heartily that he could do somethimg to correct them. The vastness of the undertaking, however, makes one feel that, unaided, there is little one do to bring about their betterment.

Rightly considered, there is much that can be done which will benefit the individual and, in so doing, help to bring about more harmonious conditions for all mankind. Anyone sincerely desirous of doing his part may start from where he is today, for the overcoming of wrong conditions must begin in individual thinking; and in the measure that his thoughts are harmonious will the outward manifestations be harmonious also.

Proving Our Work
November 16, 1940

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