Why should I be grateful for Christian Science? Because...

Why should I be grateful for Christian Science? Because it has been a most effective guiding, guarding, and providing influence for over twenty years, not only for myself, but for my wife and son. Christian Science, the Science of God and man, has, when honestly and intelligently applied, met our every need, be it for the healing of sickness, the finding of a right place, the elimination of bad habits, the substitution of harmony for discord, or the solution of business problems.

In "A Rule for Motives and Acts" (Manual of The Mother Church, Art. VIII, Sect.1) Mrs. Eddy states in part, "In Science, divine Love alone governs man." To the extent that we have recognized the divine government of Love in our lives, have we found ourselves manifesting good in every phase of our experience. We have had the opportunity of reversing and healing, under the government of divine Love, some of the common sicknesses, such as colds, sore throat, ptomaine poisoning, children's ailments, and in fact any discordant physical condition claiming to be present. I am grateful for the protection my understanding of the truth has given in motor and airplane journeys.

The New Light
November 16, 1940

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