"For right reasoning"

One spring day when a large river, swollen by heavy rains and melting snows, threatened to overflow its banks, numerous spectators congregated upon a spacious bridge spanning the rising stream. As the writer stood upon the massive concrete structure, gazing at the swiftly flowing stream below, he seemed to see and feel the entire bridge, with everyone on it, moving. But when he turned and beheld the dry land on either side supporting the immovable structure upon which all were standing, it was plain that the bridge was standing firm. Its apparent movement was an illusion.

We seem to be standing upon a bridge of material sense, moving on the stream of materiality, with its sin, disease, fear, want, woe, disaster, and death. Have we been gazing at the stream so long that we believe we are being carried along with it? If so, let us lift up our thoughts to God, for Christian Science is calling to us all to turn our gaze from the illusion, and to behold spiritual man and the universe safely standing upon the foundation of divine Principle.

Overcoming Belief in Errors of the Past
September 2, 1939

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