Bible Notes

"Him hath God the Father sealed" (John 6:27)—The word which in this verse is literally rendered "sealed" is quite often used metaphorically in the New Testament in the sense of "confirm, authenticate, place beyond doubt" (Thayer: Greek Lexicon, p. 609). Hence Moffatt suggests the following rendering: "The Father, God, has certified him." The Twentieth Century New Testament has: "Upon him the Father—God himself—has set the seal of his approval."

"By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches" (Prov. 22:4)—More literally: "The consequence (or 'reward') of humility and the fear of the Lord is riches" (Brown, Driver, and Briggs: Hebrew Lexicon, p. 784). Moffatt gives the sense of the verse as follows: "The humble and reverent are rewarded with wealth and honour and long life."

Testimony of Healing
"Divine Love corrects and governs man
September 2, 1939

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