Early in 1936 I had my first proof of the healing power...

Early in 1936 I had my first proof of the healing power of Christian Science. While away from home, I fell down a flight of stairs and hurt my arm. Although in great pain, I held to the truth that there are no accidents in divine Mind, wherein all is perfection. The following day I returned home; and at my husband's wish, an X-ray examination of my arm was made by a doctor. To my great joy the photographic plates revealed that my arm, which had been broken, was, to use the doctor's words, perfectly set. I denied the suggestions that the arm would take weeks to heal and would need massage; and in a fortnight's time I was using it normally.

I have also proved that nothing can be lost in divine Mind. A stone fell from my ring, but I changed my thoughts from those of loss to the expectation of good. Two hours after the loss became known to me, while I was looking for the stone my eyes immediately rested on the jewel lying on the pavement in a busy shopping thoroughfare.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to extend my thanks for Christian Science and to...
June 4, 1938

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