A contributor to the "Register Clearning House," in a...


A contributor to the "Register Clearning House," in a recent issue, presented well some of the patriotic objectives of the educational system of our country when he said, "The public schools, without interfering with 'religious beliefs,' are secular schools, established for the purpose of educating the children of American citizens in the duties, privileges, responsibilities, and loyalties of their national heritage." However, exception must be taken to various implications of the item in question.

The free public schools of America are a bulwark for the liberty of the citizens, and must be maintained, uninfluenced by sectarianism of any kind. Most Christian Scientists send their sons and daughters to public schools; but, as is their privilege, some have enrolled their children in private schools, which may or may not be owned or conducted by followers of Mary Baker Eddy. However, such schools are not under the jurisdiction of the Christian Science church, nor are they authorized by it to give class-room instruction in Christian Science.

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