I wish to extend my thanks for Christian Science and to...

I wish to extend my thanks for Christian Science and to its many followers throughout the world. Each day I am conscious of a brighter, more serene outlook, which widens in the ratio that I do not waver from the truth of being.

Until several years ago I seldom felt a serious need for help in Christian Science. I had been studying its teachings for a number of years, and had experienced its blessings remotely. Then followed a period when one illness after another seemed to befall me. These were overcome through my earnestly holding to the truth of being, although on a few occasions mortal sense testified that I was at the last extremity. Symptoms of errors such as organic displacements, digestive disorders, severe female weakness, defective eyesight, and blood poisoning appeared, some to vanish away quickly, others to repeat their claims urgently. These disorders were numerous, and I did not know the names attached to many of them.

With loving help given by practitioners I held to the truth that matter had no power to destroy me, that Spirit is the only attraction, and that evil could not keep me from expressing my birthright of dominion. While I was seeking help through Truth there always came a feeling of unfoldment and a certain sense of being uplifted, protected from all harm. I seemed to be guided at times to take certain steps for my own advancement; and no matter how trivial the act, if courage was displayed, a very sure sense of progress would come to me afterwards, which, even if not always apparent to others, never failed to identify itself to my consciousness as divine Love guiding and directing me towards a more harmonious sense of existence.

Testimony of Healing
The study and use of Christian Science in my experience...
June 4, 1938

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