During many years' study of Christian Science I have...

During many years' study of Christian Science I have experienced a great change in my home, greater security and peace, and an ever-increasing appreciation of Mrs. Eddy's great work. I did not turn to Christian Science for physical healing, although later many healings were received through the understanding and application of this truth. At first I believed that this religion would satisfy a deep hungering for spiritual things, and also help to free me from that from which I suffered mentally—sensitiveness, a morbid tendency, and moodiness. I would seemingly drop from the heights of joy to heaviest darkness and brooding. The healing from these unhappy traits was gradual; but from the first I found comfort and joy in the realization that "happiness is spiritual, born of Truth and Love" (Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, p. 57); that it comes from God alone, and that it is changeless, permanent, and eternal.

The first physical healing I had was that of chronic throat and tonsil trouble, the latter appearing every winter. This condition was eliminated entirely through my daily study of Christian Science. While still a beginner in my study I was one day beset with a severe headache. I closed my eyes and tried to recall some of the truths I had learned, and to realize something of God's presence, of His enveloping love and tender care for His own. So conscious was I of God's nearness that the pain disappeared, and I was free at once.

March 13, 1937

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