I shall always be thankful to the dear lady who came to...

I shall always be thankful to the dear lady who came to my home one winter's day and spoke to me about Christian Science, and of what a help it would be to me in rearing my seven children. After I had purchased the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, I sat up until midnight every evening and was up again at daybreak, for I now had "bread" to eat which I never had had before. Soon afterward one of my children complained of an earache, an ailment which had often trouble her. I told her that this was the time to prove this new religion. I read from Science and Health and repeated "the scientific statement of being" (ibid., p. 468). In a few minutes she was asleep, and she suffered no more from that trouble. I fully realized that I had found the "pearl of great price," and my heart overflowed with gratitude.

Some time afterwards one of the twins fell down the barn stairs and apparently seriously injured her back. I asked my husband not to telephone for the doctor but to give me the child. I took the unconscious form in my arms and went down to the orchard, having no fear whatever but great faith in God's love and presence. I repeated the Lord's Prayer with its spiritual interpretation (ibid., pp. 16, 17), and "the scientific statement of being" over and over until I felt the child move and finally straighten up. I put her on the ground and we walked to the house. A great awe and reverence came over me so that I could not speak, but I gave the child to my husband and went to my room, falling on my knees an thanking God for His wonderful care. For several years, however, the child's back seemed to pain her, until one day, when I was ill, she read to me from Science and Health and as she was reading something snapped in her back, and she never suffered from that pain again.

"I am the way"
June 13, 1936

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