Two events stand out vividly in the memory of my...

Two events stand out vividly in the memory of my younger days. One was the passing on of a brother who was slightly older than myself. I was then told that we all must die. The impression this made on me was very distressing. The second followed shortly afterwards when, after a serious illness, I was told that I had a very weak heart, and was given no hope of permanent recovery. Although I was very young I prayed that if there was a means of healing I should be let to it. I had not been brought up to go to church or Sunday school, and my only chance to learn about God was in the day school.

During my early years I had many illnesses, which kept me from my studies. I regularly had bilious attacks and headaches, and often experienced heart trouble, because of which a doctor warned we against overexertion. In my early teens I visited some relatives, near by, who were Christian Scientists, but the subject of Christian Science was care avoided, as we at home regarded Scientists as peculiar people who did not believe in doctors. However, shortly afterwards I found myself suffering from a physical difficulty and I asked if Christian Science could help me. I am grateful to say that it did all and more than was expected. I now began to study Christian Science, but my reading at home had to be done in secret. I then joined the Christian Science Sunday School, and after a few months I was healed of the heart trouble, and this without any direct effort. In this connection I am grateful to say that about two years ago, almost ten years after my healing, I was examined by an insurance company's doctor, and after a thorough examination he declared me to be a "first class life." During the examination I asked if my heart was all right, and the doctor said that I was organically sound.

Testimony of Healing
Through the study of Christian Science I have found...
June 13, 1936

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