Spiritual Treasure

The very word "treasure" arrests one's attention as denoting something to be wished for, something highly desirable. Among some of the dictionary definitions we find "prize," as "something very precious." The word "prize" connotes a reward for something accomplished, some victory won or honor achieved. Christian Science teaches us that Truth's treasures are found by and bestowed upon those who work and pray, who labor for the good of mankind, who are constantly about the Father's business.

In the search for material wealth or priceless gems, no sacrifice is accounted too great, no work too arduous, no risk too stupendous for one to undertake in the hope of discovering and acquiring the heart's desire. How much more, then, should we earnesly strive for the spiritual understanding which delivers us from wrong and enables us to liberate our brother from evil, sin, disease, death, and emerge into the sunlight of liberty, love, harmony, health, which are man's rightful inheritance from his loving Father-Mother God! Spiritual understanding is indeed to be regarded as a "prize," as "something very precious."

Prepare to Conquer!
June 13, 1936

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