Give us this day our daily bread. Our hunger, Father, feed.The Word that comes from the mouth of God, that is the bread we need.Grace for today! And what is grace, the bread for which we pray?How may we taste this precious food and gain its strength today?If I can know, all through the morn, that Love is guiding me,And see in every humble task a means of honoring Thee;If I can overcome a sin, false appetite subdue,Through prayer my will conform to Thine in all that I pursue;If I can check an unkind thought and put within its placeAn understanding, loving one, dear Father, is that grace?If I can help a brother lift his load of care and fright,And prove to him that Jesus' way will make all burdens light;If I can tread, e'en stumblingly, the path that Jesus trod,And know Thee and Thine image, man—that is the grace of God.

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